Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Kiribati - Our story

We came to Dom Srdca Jezisovho, Nitra, at the request of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, MSC, to help with managing the Spirituality Centre. The first Sisters were from the Province of Kiribati, Sr Rotee Uriam, Mary Etuare and Sr Evelyn Roman from the province of France who arrived here on March 20, 2002.

Now, the Kiribati Province is responsible for the personnel of the Centre. There are 4 Kiribati Sisters who are managing the house in collaboration with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

The Kiribati islands are little islands in the central Pacific, and you can find them between Hawaii in the north and Fiji islands in the south. They are low coral atolls with the coconut tree as the main tree that provides the income of the people with its coconut, food and material for building. About 90% of the people are Christians and about 50% are Catholics.

The people of Kiribati are happy people who love celebrations, dancing and singing. The children, both boys and girls learned dancing since they were very young.

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