Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

It was a response to the invitation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart that our Congregation started the mission in Japan in December 1995. The first house was in Nagoya and it still exists till today. It was not easy to send just Sisters from one province so there was a Sister from the Australian Province, the late Sr Mary Fyfe who was leader of the group, two from the Indonesian Province, and one from Brazil who is of Japanese origin and speaks Japanese. Her name is Sr Cecilia and she is currently leader of the community in Japan. There are two communities now , one in Nagoya and one in Fukui. Sr Akie is the first Japanese to join our congregatio. More stories told in the PDF.

The founding members from Indonesia went back home to their province after almost ten years and two of our Sisters from the Philippines are there now but still there is a need of more Sisters in this mission and so a request from the General Administration to the Sisters in Kiribati if they can help this mission. Two Sisters went there in May 2016. They are Sr Mangarita Tokintemate and Sr Moia Tarangauea. The main work of our Sisters is parish work, which involves a lot of ministries like preparation for the sacraments, catechesis and helping some of the migrants that are in their parish. Japan is not a Christian country so apostolates of evangelisation is very difficult.

The Kiribati Sisters are now learning the language before they start working in their allocated parishes.

The Sisters are in different coloured dresses or habits because not every province has the same style or colours. They use what is more appropriate for their country. Our Japanese comunity is international, three nationalities, Japanese, Kiribati, Philippines and Brazilian. The harvest is great in Japan and labourers are more needed. We pray for more Sisters for this country.

  The community just after Mass

  Srs Moia, with the bicycle, and Mangarita on their way
  to their Japanese lesson.