Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart


Sr Kateia Teanako, who has been a missionary here in Slovakia for last six years, is now the new Provincial Leader of Kiribati Province. She started her new mandate at the beginning of this year. Sr Kateia also worked in Rome, Italy as member of our General administration team for 12 years before she came to Slovakia. Our community of Lukov Dvor 2, Nitra is part of the Kiribati Province. Others countries that are part of Kiribati province and where the Sisters work are Fiji, Samoa, Nauru, Marshall Islands and Kiribati.There are 84 Sisters in the Kiribati Province.

Congratulation Sr Kateia, and we, your sisters in Lukov Dvor and your friends in Slovakia support you with our prayers.

May 28. 2016, Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

This year we have more children consecrated to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart than last year. Most families come from Nitra and some from Bratislava and towns nearby. We are praying that more families will entrust their children to Mary. We are very happy that Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is more known in Slovakia. People who come for retreats in the Centre pray the Ave Admirabile and the Memorare to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. As Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart we are very previleged to know Mary under this beautiful title and we want people to know her too and to trust in her powerful intercession for their different needs.

After the Mass we usually have BBQ and it is really a good time to know each other, enjoy the day and share a meal together. We provided the meals but families are very generous too.

Pilgrimage to Poland, May 3.-7. 2016

Because we had no group during the above dates our community decided to make a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Cestachowa and to some holy sites in Poland. Our brother Piotr, a candidate of the MSC, has been encouraging us to visit his country and so with him as a guide we went to Poland. We left Bratislava by bus around midnight and arrived about 7.30am in Cestachowa. We find the place very prayerful. Even though there were many people the spirit of prayer was there. Many people from Poland itself were there and we could here English spoken and with different accents. We were very lucky to arrive in time for the Holy Mass.
A feeling of peace and a great desire to pray is always experienced in the Shrines of Our Lady

There is so much information for this beautiful town on internet but we just want to highlight some of the places we visited. We stayed with the semi cloistered sisters of St Benedict in Pabnice for two days. Our brother, Fr Tomek msc has a sister in this community.
We were able to visit the Church of St Mathew special to St Maximillian Kolbe where He had a vision of Our Lady asking him to chose the kind of life he would like to live, a red rose for martyrdom or white for a holy life and he chose the two. We know the story of this saint who died a martyr giving his life to die instead of a family man during the persecution of WWII.

Home Town of St. Sr Faustina
We were fortunate to have met Professor Fr Ladislav, Polish, in Nitra who kindly offered to take us to St Faustina´s village. When we arrived a lady came to tell us that the key of the house is with the Sisters, congregation of St Faustina. We found out later that the lady is the saints niece. When we went to get the key the Sisters invited us to the Mass in the village where the saint used to go and attend Mass!! The people have great devotion to their saint and many came to pray the Divine Mercy.
As Sr Kateia signed the book in the Saints house we remember our people in Kiribati who have great devotion to the Divine Mercy and most of them would never see this place but believe in the message given to the Saint.

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